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Máy Kiểm Tra Lực Kéo Đứt Mối Hàn HDPE Examo USB


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Máy Kiểm Tra Lực Kéo Đứt Mối Hàn HDPE Examo USB
- P/N: 139.059 - EXAMO 300F USB
- P/N: 139.060 - EXAMO 600F USB

Thông tin sản phẩm

Thông số máy kiểm tra mối hàn HDPE Examo
Điện Áp 230 V
Công suât 200 W
Lực Kéo 4000 N
Dải mm 300
Đốc độ kéo 20 - 550 mm/phút
Độ dày mẫu nhữa: 0.1 - 7mm
Độ rộng mẫu xé 40mm (60 Tùy chọnoptional)
USB-memory-stick: Lịch sử Kiểm tra mối hàn
Size (L × B × H) 750 × 270 × 190mm bao gồm hộp
Trọng lượng 14 kg
Material testing made easy
The EXAMO USB is the ideal testing device to check the geomembranes weld seam with regard to their peel adhesion, tensile strength and shear strength. Tested and proven worldwide. Thanks to the digital display on EXAMO USB, all important test parameters for stretching, maximum force, tearing, test speed and position can be directly seen and documented on a USB stick. The advantage over other devices on the market is that the testing device can be used in its metal box.
This gives it more stability. An operating manual is integrated directly into the lid, making it easier to read. The membrane test device is configured during production, not just the test socket separately, as is otherwise common with comparable devices. Membrane samples can be tested according to DVS and ASTM standards. In addition to the variant 300F USB with 300 mm / 11.8 in. travel path, the EXAMO USB is also available in the 600F USB variant with 600 mm / 23.6 in. travel path.



Công suất (HP)
Công suất (W) 200
Công suất làm sạch (m2/h)
Hộc chứa làm sạch (L)
Thời gian làm việc (h)

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