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HG 530-A Car Wrapping Kit


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HG 530-A Car Wrapping Kit
⁂ Intelligent Eco Mode saves energy and money
⁂ Heat protection for increased safety
⁂ Air inlet covers ensure air supply
⁂ Increased flexibility when working thanks to its 5 m cable
individual parameter control and recall ability (temperature and air flow)

Product information

Car wrapping kit for car wrapping professionals
The HG 530-A Car Wrapping Kit from Weldy includes the powerful Weldy HG 530-A heat gun with Eco Mode, infinitely variable digital temperature and air flow control, 5 m (16.4 ft) long cord, a heat protection (165.036) and a pair of air inlet covers (165.041). With this professional car wrapping kit, users are perfectly equipped for countless car wrapping applications. For professional vehicle wrapping applications.
Whether full or partial wrapping, car wrappers have the right tools in one practical kit. The ergonomically shaped HG 530-A heat gun weighs only 750 g and makes it easy to work on projects for extended periods of time. In the HG 530-A car wrapping kit, the HG 530-A heat gun is equipped with a 5 m long cable and offers users even more freedom when working. An advantage that pays off when wrapping different vehicles. In addition, both temperature and air volume can be precisely set via its digital display. Another useful feature of this handy heat gun is its ability to set, save and recall up to five different temperature and air volume settings for specific projects and material. When users take a break from their work, Eco Mode activates and reduces the air flow, while maintaining the set temperature. This means that the HG 530-A is quiet during breaks and saves energy and costs. When the heat gun is picked back up, the air flow immediately increases to the setpoint. Eco Mode can be set according to the user's needs, either time-controlled or according to the positioning of the hot air blower (90° angle downwards). Setting Eco Mode according to specific angle positioning is recommended when using the leather holster (article no. 126.311) to hold the heat gun. To prevent users from injuring themselves or damaging sensitive wrap materials due to the hot heating tube, the heat protection is included in the set. The practical, protective basket is simply placed on the heating tube of the Weldy heat gun and ensures increased safety. The two air intake covers are also easy to clip on. They ensure that the air continues to be sucked in unhindered when, for example, car wrappers briefly tuck the heat gun under their arm or between their legs while working. In this context, Weldy's leather holster has proven to be a helpful accessory. Simply attached to the belt, the holster is used to hold the heat gun when taking breaks. As soon as the HG 530-A is placed in the holster, it switches to Eco mode (if it’s activated and set to positioning). This means that the heat gun always remains within reach when working and is immediately ready for use when it is pulled out of the holster. The HG 530-A car wrapping kit is also ideal for repairing bumpers, plastic covers and spoilers, for working on leather interior in cars and for removing wraps. Even shrinking cables and loosening of screws are within the range of applications of the versatile Weldy car wrapping kit.


Công suất (HP)
Công suất (W) 2300W
Công suất làm sạch (m2/h)
Hộc chứa làm sạch (L)
Thời gian làm việc (h)

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