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Hotwind SysTem


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⁂ Alarm output
⁂ Integrated temperature probe
⁂ Interface for temperature or output and air quantity specification
⁂ Display of target and actual values (°C or °F)
⁂ P/N: 142.645

Product information

Brushless hot air blower
Thanks to its brushless motor, the HOTWIND SYSTEM is durable and requires very little maintenance. Air volume adjustment is continuously variable with the potentiometer up to 900 l/min or 31.78 cfm. The HOTWIND SYSTEM stands out through its application diversity: Remote control of air volume and heating output is possible thanks to an interface with alarm contact. An integrated temperature probe ensures additional precision. The digital display on the HOTWIND SYSTEM enables the ability for users to monitor the tools parameters.
The main switch on the HOTWIND SYSTEM hot air blower is used in addition to programming, thanks to the integrated function key. In addition, the device cools automatically. Various associated accessories, such as tube and wide slot nozzles, shell reflectors, etc. are available directly at Leister.

Interface-compatible hot air blower

Display of target/and actual values (°C or °F)

The HOTWIND SYSTEM display provides users with information on the temperature.

Interface with alarm contact

The HOTWIND SYSTEM blower can be used via interface with alarm contact for controlling air volume and heating.

Main switch

With integrated function key for programming.

Lọc bụi cho Hotwind Premium, Hotwind System

Công suất (HP)
Công suất (W) 2300 – 5400
Công suất làm sạch (m2/h)
Hộc chứa làm sạch (L)
Thời gian làm việc (h)

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