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Varimat V2


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VARIMAT V2 Fast and dependable.
Using the new VARIMAT V2, polymer roofing membranes can be welded more rapidly resulting in lower cost. Users appreciate its streamlined ergonomics and its ease of use. The clearly laid out operating units "e-drive" allows for the control of all relevant welding parameters.

Product information

•  Process reliability: Machine cuts out if undervoltage is too high
•  Patented spherical roller compensates unevenness
•  Guide bar for ergonomic handling
•  Maintenance free blower means lower service costs
•  User-friendly display with “e-Drive” (press and turn control) to recall preset and saved welding 
•  Constant drive with regulated electronics
With the innovative VARIMAT V2 welding machine, plastic membranes are welded quickly and economically on roofs, swimming pool liners, as well as banners and tarpaulins. ​The automatic welder can be easily operated by one person thanks to the adjustable guide handle. The users are pleased with optimal ergonomics, easy handling and the "e-Drive" operating unit: The digital display not only shows the temperature control, but stores the welding parameters to ensure optimal welding seams, even after breaks or over days.
Depending on the material, plastic membranes are efficiently and effectively welded at up to eight meters per minute. Leister is able to test materials at customer request to determine the appropriate parameters required for optimal welds. The VARIMAT V2 was already tested under the most difficult conditions, including the winter months, and made an impression here with high maximum welding speed and constant temperature. The brushless, low-maintenance automatic welder keeps service efforts low, even with intense workloads. Even during close–to-edge welding, the VARIMAT V2 will impress you with its incredible capabilities. The VARIMAT V2 impresses with reliable, wrinkle-free and leakproof welding. Lastly, the automatic welder turns off when undervoltage is too great, ensuring a safe welding process.

Automatically turns off if undervoltage occurs
The VARIMAT V2 turns off when undervoltage is too great, in effort to protect the motor from permanent damage due to insufficient power output.
Reliable on uneven ground
The patented pressure roller evens out the membranes when welding and guarantees dense welding seams in suboptimal terrain.

e-Drive control
The digital display allows the welding parameters to be set and saved in order to maintain constant and reproducible results.

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