Xe Đào SY465H


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SANY SY465H is designed to help you work efficiently while maximizing your jobsite productivity. The 46.5 ton has many features to help operators achieve the balance of power, smoothness, fuel efficiency and speed. 

High Efficiency & Low Consumption

Full-power Variables Main Pump

The main pump of SY465H 45.5 ton excavator consists of two plunger-type pumps of serial variable displacement. The two pumps are controlled via full-power variables, meaning that the sum of power of two pumps is kept constant. When a single pump is running, this pump can absorb the power of the other idle hydraulic pump to ensure the full use of the engine power.

Secondary Boosting Technology

When the target load is heavy, a pressing of the boosting button on the left joystick can provide an explosive power (lasting 8 sec.) to boost bucket digging force by 10% instantaneously to complete additional work load.

Arm Regeneration Circuit

A quick circuit is added to the arm oil cylinder circuit. When the arm oil cylinder is extended, the oil return circuit is cut off and hydraulic oil flows from the return circuit into the cylinder via a check valve. The hydraulic oil in arm cylinder rod end does not return the tank but goes directly to the cylinder head end. The arm speed is increased as a result. The fuel consumption is down by 10% under this condition. 

Scientific Structure & Easier Maintenance

Easy Cleaning for Radiator

One end of the air conditioner condenser is fixed with hinges for easy cleaning. Innovative radiator with easily washable internal structure, excellent cooling capacity ensures prolonged engine running without being overheated.

Water Separator and Three-level Fuel Filter

Water separator can remove the water in fuel and prevent fuel system failures.The function of fuel pre-filter can be developed to make maintenance easy.Fuel pre-filter also has the same function as a water separator. 

Comfortable & Safe Cab

Innovative Large Cab

The height of seat, the inclination of backrest, the height of armrest, the seat position and the headrest can be adjusted as desired.

Hydraulic Lockout Control

When the hydraulic lockout is placed in Lock position, all controls are inoperable, which prevents accidents caused by unintentional operation.

Reduce Fatigue

The seat rigidity can be adjusted according to the driver's weight, even if the big drivers can enjoy a comfortable operation.

Trọng lượng xe (kg) 45500
Kích thước xe (mm) 12200x3180x3690
Dung tích gàu (m3) 2.2
Chiều sâu đào (m) 10
Tầm với tối đa (m) 11
Chiều cao nâng tối đa (m) 7.4
Loại máy Mitsubishi 6D24-TLC1B
Công suất (hp) 250/2000kW/rpm

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