Xe Nâng Thò Thụt Bobcat TL35100


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T35100, increased stability in a compact package

  • 3 elements boom
  • Joystick
  • Hydrostatic transmission – power, precision and smooth engagement
  • Roomy cab
  • AMA (Aggravating Movements Arrestor system)

The T35100 is a 10 m compact telescopic handler available in three different versions.
The T35100SL incorporates both stabilizers and the frame-levelling system while the T35100L features the frame-levelling system.

Stabilizers are available for applications that require increased stability when working at extended heights or reach. With its high reach, this rigid chassis model is ideal for loading and unloading lorries from the side.

The frame levelling system allows lateral tilt correction as well as a vertical positioning of the boom on rough terrain. For safe frame levelling at any boom angle, two frame-levelling speeds are available.

The Bobcat 10 m series will be greatly appreciated by operators and owners of small and medium sized construction companies. Both for its versatility, simplicity of use due to the hydrostatic transmission and the standard proportional joystick, as well as for operator safety ensured by the standard Aggravating Movements Arrester (AMA) system and lateral safety for models with a levelling device.

All the 10 m models are fitted with a TIER III engine and a made to measure engine casing, a comfortable cab and an advanced boom. All the hydraulic lines and telescoping cylinder are integrated in the arm to avoid damage in case an object would be dropped on the arm.

The hydrostatic transmission offers power, precision and smooth engagement for accurate control of the machine in any application.

The T35100's range offers three steering modes for ease of handling: all-wheel steer for on-site handling, crab-steer for positioning loads from side-to-side in restricted areas and front-wheel steer for travel on roads.

The driving mode system enables you to choose the most appropriate driving method: direct drive when travel speed is required or soft drive for hydraulic power and torque.

Get even more with the tow device, electric auxiliary, rear hook, mirror, tractor tow device, tractor hook, stabilizer locking system (arm extended or arm raised to 25°), air prefilter, matriculation plate, trailer brake valve, rotating beacon, back-up alarm, protective grill for windshield, roof glace wiper, second auxiliary hydraulic line on boom, air conditioning, wheel wedge, transmission unlocking device, rear hydraulic auxiliary, working light on boom, fan inverter, set of blue lights for henhouses, cap fuel locking, boom stop, loudspeakers predisposal, option double speed fan motor, cold water starting, zinc painting, other color, Dunlop tires, pneumatic seat, hydraulic locking of accessories, tow hitch and rotating light available as factory option.

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Incomparable reach.

Delivering best-in-class lifting capacity at maximum reach, Bobcat Telescopic Handlers perform any task with ease and safety.

Operator Cab

The cab is designed to provide a maximum of space with easy to use controls, so the operator is able to work all day long in a comfortable environment that promotes productivity. The cab design incorporates advanced technology that meets every requirement in terms of ergonomics, comfort and safety.
Bobcat telescopic handlers offer excellent visibility, which is especially beneficial when operating in the following situations:
• forwards for picking up equipment
• upwards for positioning at maximum height
• all-round for manoeuvring
• backwards for safety
The cabin Bobcat telescopic handlers rests on 3”Silentbloc” shock absorbers and is fitted to the chassis via the patented “Zebullon” suspension system, which absorbs impact energy when operating the telescopic handler. 

Cab Options

• air conditioning
• windscreen protection grid
• roof window wiper

Easy-to-use Controls

• Single loader-style hydraulic joystick for boom and bucket functions
• Boom extension and auxiliary functions activated by variable control thumb wheels on joystick
• Single shuttle lever for forward, reverse, high and low speeds
• Tilt and telescoping steering wheel column

Hydrostatic Transmission

All Bobcat telescopic handlers have a simple-to-use, industrial hydrostatic transmission to optimize your productivity.
• Power: The hydrostatic transmission provides a 95% performance efficiency. This means: power coupled with low fuel consumption
• Precision: The hydrostatic transmission makes it possible to place the load to the exact mm. As well as precision, this is also a vital factor for safety, particularly when loads have to be positioned at significant heights or distances from the machine
• Smoothness: The transmission adapts automatically. The transition from work mode to road and back is both flexible and smooth and there is no need to stop during this process, a real time saver. Finally, the hydrostatic transmission offers dynamic braking, which is both smooth and safe and does not cause undue wear

3 Steering Modes for Ease of Handling

1. All-wheel steer for on-site handling
2. Crab-steer for positioning loads from side-to-side in restricted areas
3. Front-wheel steer for travel on roads

Aggravating Movements Arrestor (AMA)

All Bobcat telescopic handlers feature the AMA, which prevents dangerous machine movements during operation. It is perfectly complemented by the longitudinal stability indicator (LSI), which clearly displays the machine’s longitudinal stability.

Reliable and robust: built to last

The ‘full protection’ concept ensures maximum durability through:
• Tilt cylinders and hydraulic hoses protected inside the boom
• Reinforced underside to protect the engine and other vital components when travelling over rough terrain
The “Advanced boom” arms offers the following features :
• Arm design in high resistant steel significantly reduces its weight and improves performance
All the hydraulic lines and telescoping cylinder are integrated in the arm, thus avoiding any damage should an object be dropped on the arm.
Only on T35100L / T35100SL (with levelling device):
• The T35100L and 35100SL enables a lateral levelling correction of 6 degrees to the right and 6 degrees to the left
• Thanks to this system, the arm remains vertical on uneven ground
• Two speeds of levelling correction guarantee safety whatever the angle of the arm. When the angle of the arm exceeds 25 degrees, the levelling correction speed automatically decreases to ensure the positioning of the load in total safety

Load Chart

Don’t just look at the rated capacity and maximum lift height. Study the load chart for the range of applications covered. In particular, look for the following:
• the capacity at maximum height
• the forward reach at maximum height
• the maximum forward reach
• the capacity at maximum forward reach
Customers have specific loading or material handling requirements and these factors are all important when choosing the best lifting equipment.

Easy maintenance, less downtime

You'll find all the components and service points in the same, easy-to-access place on every machine, thanks to the common platform and consistent design. Maintenance is a breeze and downtime is reduced. Moreover, no specialized tools are required for this work.

Trọng lượng xe (kg) 7235
Kích thước xe (mm) 5285x2216x2610
Chiều cao nâng tối đa (m) 10
Sức nâng ở độ cao tối đa (kg) 3000
Sức nâng ở tầm vươn xa tối đa (kg) 600
Loại máy PERKINS / 1104D-44TA turbo
Nhiên liệu Diesel
Hệ thống làm mát Liquid
Công suất (hp) 75
Hệ thống điều khiển Điều khiển bằng tay (ACH) hoặc Joystick (SJC)

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