Xe đào Mini E32


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E32 – Hệ thống thủy lực vượt trội trên kết cấu xe nhỏ gọn.  

  • - Dàn khung sườn chữ thập giúp cho nâng cao khoảng sáng gầm xe và dễ dàng vệ sinh gầm máy.
  • - Lưỡi san gạt chắc chắn và mạnh mẽ
  • - Dễ dàng tháo lắp nắp che bên sườn máy và dễ dàng sửa chữa thay thế các phụ tùng thủy lực.
  • - Móc chốt phía cửa sau và thép dầy giúp bảo vệ các kết cấu máy.
  • - Dàn bốc hơi máy lạnh và két làm mát thủy lực cho phép làm vệ sinh sạch sẽ riêng biệt

 Máy xúc E32 là dòng máy xúa xoay toa mini 3,2 Tấn.

 Model đã được áp dụng rất nhiều cải tiến và công nghệ mới mà được chưa áp dụng với dòng xe nhỏ gọn tương tự trên thị trường

 Nhờ việc cải tiến cơ bản về thiết kế và công nghệ đã góp phần nâng cao đáng kể độ tin cậy và độ bền thiết bị và giảm tối đa các chi phí hoạt động của thiết bị. Thiết bị này cho phép điều khiển êm ái nhưng đáp công suất thủy lực mạnh mẽ và làm việc êm thuận của bộ phận làm việc. Việc sử dụng và chọn lựa chế độ trên tay cần điều khiển cho phép thực hiện chức năng điều khiển tay gầu được giữ song song khi xoay toa giúp thợ vận hành hoạt động tốt trong không gian hẹp. Thiết bị được trang bị hệ thống di chuyển sang số tự động.Máy xúc E32 giúp thợ vận hành được thoải mái nhờ giảm tiếng ồn, rung động, không gian rộng rãi hơn, tầm nhìn tốt, tiêu chuẩn an toàn cao.

Hơn nữa, ngoài công cụ thông thường là gầu xúc, khách hàng có thể chọn các công cung làm việc khác như : búa phá đá thủy lực, khoan ruột gà, các loại hàm kẹp và nhiều công cụ khác có thể sử dụng được trên E32

Các thông tin thêm về dòng xe này – Xin liên hệ với chúng tôi – Đại lý xe Bobcat ở Việt nam. 

Enhanced reliability

The reliability of a mini-excavator contributes to its lifelong operating cost. Bobcat uses computer-assisted design techniques, highly durable materials and structures which are endurance-tested under extreme conditions.

Reliable product design

Both models share the same upper-structure, cab/canopy and workgroup. The primary difference is that the E32 has a conventional tail swing while the E35 is a zero tail swing model. The common components allow a reduction of the parts used in manufacturing and lead to a higher quality level. This also results in a reduction of the spare parts that have to be stored by the dealer.
The boom structure has been remodelled to provide longer life, utilizing a “4-plate box” structure with internal gussets. It reduces weight, yet provides a stronger, more durable and reliable structure. This contributes to increased lift capacity and smooth machine operation. The cast boom pivot points (top and bottom) provide tighter initial fit for a stronger, more durable structure with improved wear characteristics.
Improvements made on most of the hydraulic components, connections and routing as well as increased use of sub-assembly production lines reduce the risk of hydraulic leaks and increase quality and reliability levels.

Severe component selection

The undercarriage has been improved through new sealed track rollers, a top roller and wider sprockets that have proven to provide higher durability and thus a significantly longer service life, resulting in lower operating costs for the end user. These new rollers are internally sealed and completely maintenance-free.
“Quicklock” fittings on the valve block ports reduce stress on the fittings at the valve exits, providing less risk of leakage. The “Quicklock” fittings also generate less heat compared to the classical 90° fittings and thus minimize the cooling requirements of the machine.
The tailgate and side cover are made of DCPD plastic. This material was carefully chosen because of it high impact-resistance and offers full protection of the engine and hydraulic components.

Smoother workgroup control and superior hydraulic performance

Customer behaviour has changed in the last few years. The customer requires a mini-excavator that is not only very productive but also allows him to carry out the most precise jobs very carefully and fingertip-controlled. The E32 and E35 have been designed to achieve the highest levels of performance and smoothness of operation.

Smoothness with unreached hydraulic performance

The new load-sense piston pump and the closed-centre control valve create a hydraulic system that delivers an exceptional metering for smooth control of all machine functions, while reducing “hydraulic noise”.  Cushioned boom and arm cylinders provide a smooth end-of-stroke,  resulting in a “calmer”, “quieter” but very efficient and productive mini-excavator. 

Fingertip-controlled boom offset

The E32 and E35 also feature an improved boom offset control. The boom swing is controlled by a thumb wheel located on the left joystick, instead of the pedal control used on many competitive machines of this size. This feature offers the benefit of improved controllability (metering) of the boom swing function while creating more floor space for the operator.

New auto-shift

Another feature, new on the Bobcat E32/E35 line, is the auto-shift travel motor. The auto-shift feature allows an automatic transition of speeds.
The machine will shift in/out automatically from low to high speed or vice versa, giving the feel of a superb travel performance in all possible working conditions. The operator can select this feature by activating a rocker switch on the right hand dashboard. On current products, the travel speed (low/high) is selected by pressing a switch located on the blade control lever. On the E32/E35, the operator can disengage the auto-shift and still use the switch on the blade control lever.

Unparallelled operator comfort

Operator comfort and ample entry space have always been a very important benefit of Bobcat mini-excavators and we have expanded this benefit to the E32 and E35 without compromises.

Reduced noise, heat and vibrations:

To be able to provide lower noise levels (94 dB(A) for bystanders and 78 dB(A) at operator ear), the E32 and E35 have been equipped with a new engine, air intake, cooling and exhaust systems along with an entirely new pump and valve. These new components not only produce less vibration but also offer the lowest noise levels in the t 3 ton mini-excavator class. This results in a much more comfortable, less fatiguing environment for the operator. Next to this, directional lug rubber tracks enable a smoother ride with less vibration when travelling while providing an excellent grip. Sealed floor plates and better hydraulic hose routing below the floor mat and next to the operator seat offer optimum insulation from undesired heat in the cab.

No compromises on operator space

The cab was designed according to the latest comfort, visibility and space standards. Both the canopy and cab not only offer ample foot and leg room but also an extremely comfortable work environment. The cab version is equipped with heating or HVAC and radio/MP3 ready installation. 

Brand new auto-idle

In order to save fuel, reduce noise and create a more comfortable environment, the E32 and E35 are standard equipped with “auto-idle”. This feature is new in the Bobcat mini-excavator line-up.  The auto-idle,  which can be activated at the operator’s discretion, automatically causes the engine to drop to idle if the excavator functions are not used for a period of about 4 seconds.  The machine automatically returns to the pre-set throttle position when the operator starts movement of the machine again (joystick movement or travel function).

 Enhanced visibility

All-round visibility has been drastically improved. The E32/E35 have a 360° visibility with full view of the right track and the rear of the cab. 
The wiper motor which is now mounted on the lower front window provides a superior forward visibility, and removes weight from the strut-assisted front window for easier operation. The front window cross-member section has been reduced to a minimum to increase the forward visibility.

More ergonomic design

The ergonomic travel controls with new cast aluminum travel pedals are optimized for foot placement, and afford smooth, confident control of the machine.  When not in use, the travel pedals can fold forward for maximum foot room and easy cab clean-out. The travel levers are positioned immediately adjacent to each other, allowing easy drive control, even with one hand if necessary.  This improves backfilling productivity as the operator can steer with one hand while adjusting the blade with the other. The ergonomically designed, strut-assisted front window opens and closes very easily.

And more:

• New X-frame undercarriage for better ground clearance and easy shedding of debris
• Strong and powerful backfill blade
• Easily removable side covers for easier access to hydraulic components
• Lockable rear access hood to avoid vandalism
• AC condenser and hydraulic cooler can be easily separated for cleaning purposes
• Auto-tensioning belts for easier maintenance
 • Lockable storage compartment under the seat
 • Electronically controlled engine & hydraulic monitoring with automatic shutdown
 • Work lights with battery run-down protection for working in the dark
 • “Easy-Clean-Out” rubber floor mat
 • Battery kill switch for enhanced security
 • Increased number of options and kits to meet specific customer needs.

Trọng lượng xe (kg) 3528
Kích thước xe (mm) 4661x1519x2420
Dung tích gàu (m3) 0.03-0.14
Chiều sâu đào (m) 3.1
Tầm với tối đa (m) 5
Loại máy Kubota / D1803-M-D1-E3B-BC-3
Nhiên liệu Diesel
Công suất (hp) 25
Hệ thống điều khiển Điều khiển bằng tay (ACH) hoặc Joystick (SJC)

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