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Xe Xúc LW600


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Model Characteristics

XCMG LW600KN wheel loader is rooted in the customers’ needs and based on the international R&D platform to thoroughly improve the product reliability, economy, comfort, efficiency, maintenance convenience, and adaptability and is a preferential machinery product for the production organization in the fields of ports, mines, engineering constructions, and logistics.


The super-strong heavy-duty structural parts, enhanced drive system, and globally supplied critical parts can carry the torsion and impact loads under diversified working conditions.

The high-efficiency electronic control countershaft transmission matches perfectly with the engine. The optimally designed working device equipped features automatic leveling, pilot control, and high operation efficiency.

With wide scope design, this machine is applicable for diversified working environments, including high altitude, heavy dust, high temperature, and low temperature. The diversified attachments can be equipped to meet the needs of diversified working conditions.

The centralized pressure measurement, “one-stop” maintenance, easily cleanable single-row radiator with large fin spacing, and extended replace ment interval of hydraulic oil realize short shutdown time and low maintenance cost.

The globalized full-enclosed and slightly pressurized cab with heating and air conditioning system features a broad vision and enlarges the interior space by 20%. The multi-direction adjustable control box and steering column and the scientific ergonomic design bring about a first-class driving/riding experience.


The three-stage air filter is designed especially for severe working environment of construction machinery industry.

The multi-stage fuel filter ensures good fuel adaptability and guarantees cleanliness of engine system.


Heavy-duty electronic control countershaft transmission

The material and heat treatment for pump shaft connecting spline are improved and the forced lubrication is applied to prolong the life by 20%.


Enhanced drive axle

With optimized materials and processes, the main reducer and wheel reducer passed the industry’s leading reliabilitylife test of >900,000 cycles.

The axle housing is design optimized and the cross section of the housing is enlarged to increase the carrying capacity and bending resistance by 10%.

The optional maintenance-free wet brake axle improves the braking reliability.


Structural parts

The super-strong heavy-duty design eliminates partial weaknesses and meets the needs under diversified severe operating conditions with fatigue destruction test of millions of cycles.

The robot welding process ensures stable weld quality and high fusion depth.


Hydraulic system

The double-pump confluence/distribution technology is applied so that the steering pump preferentially supplies oil to the steering system. When no steering operation is made, the oil flow of the steering pump completely flows into the working hydraulic system to reduce the displacement of working pump, improve the reliability of hydraulic units, and at the same time reduce the generated heat of hydraulic system

and realize energy-conservation.

The automatic unloading function is provided to reduce the energy loss of high pressure overflow of the hydraulic system, increase the traction force by 15% under combination operation, and remarkably improve the working efficiency.


Working device

The high-efficiency linkage system features fast motions, high breakout force, and powerful lifting capacity.

With optimal shape design, the bucket features low insertion resistance and high fullness rate.

The guide plates are additionally installed for the standard bucket and the rock bucket to prevent the splashing of material.


Comfortable operations

The full-hydraulic pilot controlled working device and steering system features handy control and reduces the working strength of the driver.

The steering gear, seat, and control box are freely adjustable depending on the operator's needs. 

 The strong human-machine interactivity for the pedals and controls mitigates the fatigue during long-time operations.

The combination (flexible mode first and rigid mode second) of hydraulic flexible mode and mechanical rigid mode is adopted for the steering limits, in order to relieve the impact and ensure driving/riding comfort.


Comfortable driving environment

Well insulated against noise, dust, and heat, the full-enclosed integral framework cab creates a healthy driving environment.

The panoramic glasses and super-large spherical rearview mirrors ensure a broad vision and easy and safe operations.

The utilizable space of the cab is enlarged by 20% and the seats are backward inclinable in large angle to bring about more comfort. 

The slightly pressurized A/C system with filtration function provides the operator with a comfortable working environment.

 The graceful and elegant instruments bring about a car-style visual enjoyment.

Reversing camera: The optional reversing camera system realizes higher reversing safety.


Operation economy

The working device is design optimized to reduce the unnecessary consumption and improve the power utilization rate.

The high energy-conservation and high-efficiency hydraulic system is applied to realize higher fuel utilization efficiency and more powerful working capacity.

The replacement interval is extend ed from 250h to 500h for the engine oil and is extended to 2,000h for the hydraulic oil to shorten the shut down time and reduce the mainte nance cost. In addition, the replace ment volume of hydraulic oil is reduced by 20% compared with the like models.


Environment adaptability

Normal operation under environment temperature of -35ºC~+45ºC. 

No power drop under altitude of up to 3,000m

A high-flow ventilator is installed for various systems to meet the operation needs under heavily dusty environment.

Convenient maintenances

The engine hood adopts upturning large door design in large opening angle to ease the daily maintenances.

The “one-stop” maintenance can be fulfilled for the engine oil filter, diesel filter, transmission and torque converter filters, and air filter. 

The centralized pressure measurement and the centralized lubricating for the hinges ease the services and maintenances.

The externally arranged booster cylinder, air reservoir, and A/C achieve reasonable structural arrangement and easy maintenances.

Công suất (HP)
Công suất (W)
Công suất làm sạch (m2/h)
Hộc chứa làm sạch (L)
Thời gian làm việc (h)
Tải trọng nâng tiêu chuẩn ROC (kg) 6000
Trọng lượng xe (kg) 20000
Kích thước xe (mm) 8505×3220×3515
Dung tích gàu (m3) 3-4.5m3
Chiều cao nâng tối đa (m) 3.8
Loại máy WD12G310E221
Nhiên liệu Diesel

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