Xe Xúc Lật SYL956H5


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Thông tin sản phẩm

Optimum Efficiency

Cummins QSL8.9 Engine: ensures strong power, high efficiency and large displacement.

Multipoint fuel injection allows for immediate throttle response, enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced noise.

Meets Tier 3 emission standard.

Customized DANA Transmission: The DANA axis-shift transmission with electronic control system is used for automatic shifting, maximum efficiency and 10k-hour service life.

F/R handle and fingertips control realize ease of switch between left and right hands.

Solenoid valve + logic control achieve a much smoother shifting and faster response.

High-Pressure Load-Sensitive Hydraulic System: perfect match between speed and power, 10%-15% energy saving.

The 25MPa high-pressure hydraulic system and main valve of large displacement achieve higher breakout and lifting force.

Superior Reliability

Braking System: The full hydraulic electronic control parking brake and dual circuit service brake combine maneuverability and reliability, ensuring a safe operating experience.

Reinforced structural components are adopted for heavy-duty mining applications with a service life reaching 10k hours.

High Fuel Efficiency

The Cummins QSL8.9 engine reduces the fuel consumption of the wheel loader.

The high-pressure load-sensitive hydraulic system and leading hydraulic components distribute the flow on demand, reducing the unnecessary energy loss and saving energy by up to 10%.

Comfortable Operating Experience

Spacious & Quiet Cab

Generous legroom and visibility, 15% larger than other Chinese wheel loaders.

Reduced noise with 78 dB(A) noise level, creating a super comfortable space for the operators.

Ergonomic Design

Large and soft wrist rest with the height easy to adjust.

Enough legroom, comfortable pedal design, and the angle adjustable steering.

Tải trọng nâng tiêu chuẩn ROC (kg) 5000
Trọng lượng xe (kg) 17100
Dung tích gàu (m3) 4
Loại máy Cummins QSL8.9-C220-Ⅲ
Công suất (hp) 164/2200kW/rpm

Sản phẩm tương tự

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Công suất:  195hp/kw
Tải trọng nâng roc:  5000kg
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Xe Đào SY500H-Tier 3

Công suất:  300hp/kw
Trọng lượng:  49500kg

Xe Đào SY465H

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Chiều sâu đào:  10.7m
Kích thước:  12200x3180x3690mm

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Chiều sâu đào:  10.1m
Kích thước:  9728x3080x3675mm

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Chiều sâu đào:  11m
Kích thước:  12865x4030x4855mm

Xe Đào SY335C-Tier 4i

Công suất:  210hp/kw
Chiều sâu đào:  10.1m
Kích thước:  11100x3190x3600mm

Xe Đào SY335C-Tier 2

Công suất:  190hp/kw
Chiều sâu đào:  10.1m
Kích thước:  11100x3190x3600mm

Xe Đào SY305H

Công suất:  212hp/kw
Chiều sâu đào:  10.1m
Kích thước:  11100x3190x3600mm