Xe Đào SY335C-Tier 2


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Thông tin sản phẩm

SY335C medium excavator features customized engine, auto deceleration system, strengthened structure, making it a efficient and robust machine for medium-sized earth and stone work.

High Efficiency & Low Consumption

Isuzu Engine Customized for SANY

With a dual-pump, dual-circuit constant power control system, the Isuzu engine outputs a continuously strong operating force. Optimized performance of the engine reduces power loss.

Auto Deceleration System

Auto deceleration of SY335C 33.5 ton excavator reduces fuel consumption by 5-10%. When an operation stops for 3.5 seconds, the engine speed drops automatically to idle level and maintains the idling state.

Multiple Working Modes

Four working modes are displayed for your different requirements at various jobsites. Heavy-duty mode maximizes the operating efficiency, standard mode reduces fuel consumption and noise, light-duty mode is economical with lower fuel consumption, and breaker mode specially designed for hammer operation. 

Safe and Comfortable Cab

Innovative Large Cab

Large windows provide a wide view of surroundings. The control levers and joysticks designed and arranged according to human engineering are all within the reach of operator. They can be operated easily with little strength.

Air-conditioner with Multiple Air Outlets

High quality automatic air conditioner provides better cooling effect. There are several air outlets–the front window defrost outlet protects visibility, and the outlets for operator face, back, and feet can be turned on/off as desired.

Silicone Rubber Shock Absorber

The operator station is supported with innovative silicone rubber shock absorber. This shock absorber is fixed to the swing platform in six points, which minimizes the shock brought by impact, considerably increasing cab stability and improving operator comfort. 

High Reliability

Falling Object Protection Structure

The top plate of cab is punch-formed with thick high-strength steel sheet integrated with toughened glass door and windows which maximize the safety of operator.

Anti-swing Valve & Delay Valve

Making the swing operation more stable and reliable, swing brake ensures the safety of machine while stopping.

Large-capacity Fuel Tank with Anti-rust Treatment

Interior of the fuel tank has been treated well against rusting. No rusting will occur even if the tank is soaked in oil containing water and phosphoric acid and other chemicals for a long period of time.

Trọng lượng xe (kg) 34300
Kích thước xe (mm) 11100x3190x3600
Chiều sâu đào (m) 7.4
Tầm với tối đa (m) 11
Chiều cao nâng tối đa (m) 6.2
Loại máy Isuzu AA-6HK1XQP-01
Công suất (hp) 190.5/2100kW/rpm

Sản phẩm tương tự

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