Xe Đào SY235C-Tier 4i


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SY235C medium excavator features customized engine, auto deceleration system, strengthened structure, making the 23.5t Excavator a efficient and robust machine for medium-sized earth and stone work.

High Efficiency & Low Consumption

Isuzu Engine Customized for SANY

With a dual-pump, dual-circuit constant power control system, the Isuzu AL-4HK1X engine can be used more efficiently. This perfect combination produces higher operating efficiency with lower fuel consumption with automatic engine speed regulation.

Optimized Power Control

With closed-loop control, the controller automatically regulates the power absorbed by hydraulic pump according to the changes of engine load during operation, making hydraulic pump power match with power of engine at all times. 

Faster Arm Speed

A quick circuit is added to the arm oil cylinder. When the arm oil cylinder is extended, the oil return circuit is cut off and hydraulic oil flows from the return circuit into the cylinder via a check valve. The hydraulic oil in arm cylinder rod end does not return to the tank but goes directly to the cylinder head. 

High Reliability

High-strength Machine

Reinforced X-frame modeled with digital tools, finite element analysis on loading capacity realizes high-strength structure.

High Reinforced Swing Platform

Reinforced plates welded on the two main beams of swing platform considerably improve the bending resistance performance.

Reinforced Boom, Arm and Bucket

With strengthened boom, arm and bucket, SY235C can better meet the customers' requirement of heavy duty operation over a long period of time. 

Comfortable and Safe Cab

Innovative Large Cab

The innovative large cab of SY235C 24.2 ton excavator is equipped with an adjustable seat with suspension. The rigidity of seat can also be adjusted according to the operator's weight.

Automatic Air Conditioner

The standard large air conditioner keeps in-cab air fresh by purifying fresh air and recirculation air. The quick temperature control ensures a comfortable temperature in cab all the year round.

Low Noise Cab

With a high-rigid structure, the new cab uses damping materials that give a better noise-absorbing effect. The adoption of properly sealed windows, noise reduction design and low-noise engine enables the machine to produce the noise as low as a passenger car.

Falling Object Protection Structure

The top plate of cab is punch-formed with thick high-strength steel sheet integrated with reinforced ribs, which maximizes the safety of operator.

Trọng lượng xe (kg) 25300
Kích thước xe (mm) 9920x3290x3175
Chiều sâu đào (m) 6.8
Tầm với tối đa (m) 5.8
Loại máy Isuzu AL-4HK1X
Công suất (hp) 140/2000 kW/rpm

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