Xe Đào SY16C-Tier 3


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SY16C mini excavator features high efficiency, low consumption and a comfortable operating environment. The 1.75 ton excavator has a wide range of applications in narrow spaces including forest, farm and indoors. 

High Performance & Reliability

  • Yanmar Customized Engine: Strong power ensures reliability in various working conditions.

  • Unique SLSS-Load Sensitive Hydraulic System: Perfect synergism between the engine and the main pump, improving work efficiency and reducing fuel consumption; full hydraulic control of deflectable boom and auxiliary line, achieving precise positioning and high productivity.

  • Reinforced Structure: reinforced work device and frame, based on ANSYS platform, optimizing structure, reducing stress concentration and extending the service life by 30% on average.

  • Strict Field Test: More than 2000 hours excavation field experiment, over 800,000 times key components fatigue test, proving its superior performance.

Compact Design for Narrow Zone Operations

  • Retractable Undercarriage: Width adjustable between 980mm-1350mm, guaranteeing its access to tight space narrower than 1m while improving the stability of the machine.

  • Deflectable Boom: SY16C boom swing left 600mm, right 350mm, able to reach outer edge of the track, and work in limited space such as near the wall and wall corner.

Strong Adaptability to Various Situations

  • Changeable Steel Track/ Rubber Track: Steel Track for off-road working, and rubber track for on-road driving.

  • Multifunctional: One/two-way switchable pipeline for standard equipment with the flow reaching 30L/min; available for various attachments including: Jackhammer, Hydraulic shear, Grapple etc; hydraulic pilot control for high precision and efficiency.

  • Long/ Standard Arm to Choose: 1130mm ultra-long arm, providing larger excavation range.

Safe & Environmentally Friendly

  • The ROPS/FOPS certified SY16C ensures the safety for operators.

  • Safe Driving Experience: traveling alarming device (optional), main switch, when the hydraulic pilot lock is at the lock position, the handle fails to operate; seat belt, various safety signs, fire extinguisher (optional).

  • Environmentally Friendly: All the covering parts are made of metal, durable and recyclable. It doesn’t use FRP and other materials that have short service life and often cause pollution.

  • Tier 3 Engine: Environmentally friendly, reducing emissions harm.

Easy Maintenance

  • Large Engine Hood: Easier way to be opened, enables the operator to complete daily maintenance on the ground.

  • Centralized Inner Structure: All key parts gathered in the back of the excavator, including air filter, oil filter, water separator, oil dipstick, expansion tank, oil filling mouth etc. reducing  maintenance difficulty.

  • Easy Tool Placing: The grease gun can be attached on the counter-weight.

  • Detachable Parts: Detachable Radiator air filter, easy to wash.

Trọng lượng xe (kg) 1750
Kích thước xe (mm) 3575x980x2420
Dung tích gàu (m3) 0.04
Chiều sâu đào (m) 3.7
Tầm với tối đa (m) 4
Chiều cao nâng tối đa (m) 2.6
Loại máy Yanmar 3TNV70-SSU
Dung tích bình nhiên liệu (l) 23
Công suất (hp) 11.2

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